High Waist Sweat Yoga Pants for Women

  • $33.95
  • Save $23

Burns up your calorie

High efficient work out and release more fats to loose weight. Get yourself ready!

Do you dare to face the challenge to get back your sexiest body figure?

Wear our sweat pants, and burns up your calories. Just a 3 times a week and in no time you'll get your most favored sexy body figure. Real scenario just a 5 minutes of work out like simple walking, jogging, high intense work out.

Product Features: 

  • Uses high quality materials, soft and comfortable, helps in releasing sweats.
  • High waist design, keeps more space warm to make sure better results.
  • Covers all parts to makes the effect more effecient.
  • Velcro design to keeps all space tight and easier to use.
  • Comfortable and covers your whole leg area.

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