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A Must Have for a Fisherman


You need a simple solution to spooling your line.  You can do it yourself, with your new spooler, instead of having to stop your friend from catching their dream catch.

And let's be honest, why spend the $30++ to get a fancy spooler when you can invest the savings into a sweet fishing pole?

Our line spooler is easy to use.  Just simply stick to any smooth surface, unlock the wing nut on the top and secure your new line in place. The bite max-line spooler controls how fast and the direction the line is released--allowing the perfect spool onto your reel. Compact and lightweight.  Easy to remove and install.

                        Few units left.  So get yours before we run out of stock.


  • Compact and lightweight, easy to remove and install
  • Multi-rotation aluminum spool holder - avoids line twist
  • Spring-loaded tension ensures even spooling
  • The suction cup can mounts firmly to any flat, smooth surface

Item Specs:

  • Fishing Method: Spinning
  • Uses: Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Ocean Rock Fishing, Lake, Reservoir, Pond, River, Stream
  • Fishing Reels Type: Post-Loading Spinning Wheel
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Height: Approx.14cm/5.5"
  • Wide: about 13.5cm/5.31''

    Remember, to get the suction to work well, use a clean even surface.  To make it even easier, use some water on the suction circle and then push with pressure on a smooth even surface.

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